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We, the undersigned, support the creation of a Bicycle and Walking Path on the Hoan Bridge. This path will complete Milwaukee County's Oak Leaf Trail between Downtown and Bay View.

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1). Christopher A Neuburg Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee is a great city. However it could be so much more if we didn't have such backward, slow to act, do nothing city leaders!! It's ridiculous that we can't be forward thinking. Milwaukee always seems to be one of the last to do things. It is sad. So I am all for something that pushes to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee.
2). Carlo Giombi Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3). Patrick Beukema Shorewood, Wisconsin
Automobile centred transportation in urban areas doesn't work. The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever designed for transportation. And biking the Hoan is good fun.
4). Aytan Luck, Owner of Truly Spoken Cycles Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Every time I drive a car on the Hoan Bridge, even during rush hour, there is very sparse traffic. This is true all along 794. I don't see why bike shouldn't be allowed all the way to the airport. My only concern would be plowing on a divided bike lane.
5). Wanda Ehrlich Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Milwaukee's infrastructure needs an updo. I remember this bridge when it went no where. Let's make it go some where for everyone. If we can be more cognizant of the environment and come away with a healthier and safer Milwaukee by making a bike/pedestrian path over the bridge; what do we have to lose but a few pounds? It'll put people to work, unite neighborhoods, and take our breath away with the view.
6). Jeremy Mick Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
I'm thinking of getting a bike in order to commute to work this coming Spring (2009). I live in Bay View and work at Northwestern Mutual downtown. I've always wanted there to be some way to avoid KK/1st Street traffic but still get downtown. The way people drive on that road is terrible. Connecting Downtown Milwaukee, the landmarks, and the beaches to the south side of Milwaukee County would be a brilliant idea. It would certainly take my car off the road!
7). Bryan Oak Creek, Wisconsin
I would love it if they opened some sort of non-automobile path over the hoan. My friends and I regularly bike to the downtown area and opening this up would make our trips much safer and quicker. Bike The Hoan!!
8). Earl Gutbrod Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It would be great to have a bike lane on the Hoan.
9). Jeffrey Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I signed this petition a couple years back, and nothing has changed. This however may be a sign that one could be underway http://onmilwaukee.com/politics/articles/politics100108.html - this article details how they are discussing the tearing down of the Hoan, as opposed to repaving it. While I don't know how crazy I am about that idea, I do know that 794 would more than likely be accessible to those who chose to not drive. Every time I ride downtown from the South Side, I have to go far out of my way, ride on very crappy and unsafe streets, and I think that it is a shame that this beautiful and bridge large enough to accomodate another lane for bikes in each direction is off limits to me.
10). Theresa Zanotti Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11). Michael Bluma Germantown, Wisconsin
12). Chris Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Though I use my car to get to work, I run many errands (library, school, church, to movies, social outings etc) with my bike. A bike-path on the Hoan would be a smart and sophisticated addition to Milwaukee. I think it would be well-used. Money we don't spend on gasoline can be used at local businesses.
13). Eric Kuhagen Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Build it and they will ride.
14). E. J. Sielen Bay View, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
15). Michael Connor Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States
Before stumbling upon this website I always wondered why there wasn't a bike path on the Hoan. I live on the east side and work in St. Francis. I drive down Lincoln Memorial and the Hoan, I always wished there could be a way that I could bike through such beautiful views, especially with the rising gas prices/ staying physically fit. This would be an amazing addition to Milwaukee's Lakefront. Make it happen!
16). Katy Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Other countries, such as Denmark, have been extremely successful by creating roads especially for bikes, why can't we? Wisconsin has been on the cutting edge in the past for community based organizations making a difference in the everyday lives of it's residents. Having bike-only access lanes or roads is another step to enabling our cities to be more environmentally safe and helps residents save money as well as become more healthy! Our consumerist, one person per car society needs to change so why not in Milwaukee?
17). Nick Brecklin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
18). Erin Harmon South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
19). Kelly Janiszewski Oak Creek, Wisconsin USA
I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life and use my bike as my second means of transportation. I think that allowing people to bike on the Hoan Bridge is a fantastic idea. Sometimes it is difficult to travel around the city due to the Milwaukee River, Lake, and the amount of expressways that take up Milwaukee. Living south of the Hoan Bridge I would be able to ride my bike over the bridge and get off on the lake front or downtown. I think that more people in the city of Milwaukee would ride their bikes if this passed. This would help to cut down on expressway repairs and pollution.
20). Michael McNamara, Wisconsin
Very useful...
21). joe plumeri jr milwaukee, Wisconsin
i think that this is a fantastic idea. it would be a nice quick way from bay view to downtown milwaukee with out having to go through downtown and deal with all the people who dont know how to drive.
22). Lee Hostetler Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States
Bike the Hoan!!
23). Phil Case Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Making a bike lane on the Hoan would do a lot for creating a bike-friendly situation in Milwaukee. I live in Bay View and it would be great to be able to connect directly to downtown.
24). Kevin Dieck West Allis, Wisconsin
I remember in the 1980s people were willing to climb the bridge to watch a crosby stills & nash concert even though it wasnt open yet. We need a safer ride than the lower nieghborhoods below so open it up to us walkers and bike riders to rise above the traffic and rougher nieghborhoods below.
25). Tamara Saviano Cudahy, Wisconsin USA
26). Bill Rouleau Milwaukee, 53207
Get a clue, gasoline isn't getting any more plentiful (or cheap.) Time for Milwaukee's political leadership to start working on actual problems instead of 4 year re-election campaigns.
27). Corey Hengen Milwaukee,, Wisconsin
28). Tim Maciolek Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This would give great access to the summer lake front festivals and parks, as well as shops on the East side. I would get down there a lot more often if I didn't have to bring my car...and the current access for bicycles is less than ideal.
29). Megan Milwaukee, Wisconsin
My husband commute year-round on bikes and aim to go car-free as often as possible. This helps our health (thus taxpayers), the air quality of the city, the character of the city (tourists and residents like seeing active, healthy, happy people outside), the safety of the streets (cars need to slow down). I could go on and on, but specifically to the Hoan: The lack of direct, safe, fast access to downtown and the north creates a bike commuting hassle for us daily. We also need to interact a bit too much with irate motorists, endangering our lives (and the blood pressure of the angry drivers) which the Hoan path would eliminate completely. Let's make this city as green as it touts itself to be! Thank you Bill and everyone for your efforts on this!
30). Andrew Meyer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
31). Dave Milwaukee, Wisconsin
32). Kaitlin Rathkamp Milwaukee, Wisconsin
When you are in your car driving accross don't you just want to stop and get out and stare at the views all around you? A bike/pedestrian lane would allow you to take in those views. Also, I'm an avid bike rider who still can't remember how the oak leaf connects down town to Bay View. Not to mention how much cooler it would make Milwaukee... Our city is growing more everyday and this is a big step in helping us get away from that "small town" reputation. Milwaukee is a GREAT city and almost all great cities have something like this! Heck, I bet we could even find volunteers to make it happen and cut down on costs.
33). Kate Duckert St. Francis, Wisconsin
I could actually make it to school downtown if there were a bike path over the Hoan.
34). David HB Drake Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I personally would love to have a bike path on the Hoan since I often work at Discovery World (the Schooner Denis Sullivan) and would prefer to bike there than have to park.
35). stephanie freimark St. Francis, Wisconsin
36). Dan Schneider Racine, Wisconsin
37). Andy Toumanoff Milwaukee, Wisconsin
38). Jason Ludtke Milwaukee, Wisconsin
An isolated lane would be much safer for cyclists commuting between downtown and bayview. One example would be during the summer months after festivals like summer-fest let out and the streets, especially KK, the main North and South artery, are filled with drunk and irresponsible drivers.
39). Shawn Small Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I would love the ability to take the Hoan to work, it would make my commute that much faster and safer than biking through downtown.
40). Drew Triplett, Wisconsin
Thank you.
41). Karen Engibous Milwaukee, Wisconsin
42). molly Shorewood, Wisconsin
43). Nicholas Hade Shorewood, Wisconsin
I really wanted to buy a home on Milwaukee's south side to be closer to family. However, KK just couldn't compare with the Oak Leaf Trail so I ended up buying in Shorewood. Every time I drove over the Hoan while house shopping I remember thinking how much better it would be to ride on than KK. What a great view that would be to have every morning and then cool off on the coast down into work.
44). Eric Larson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The current alignment of the Oak Leaf Trail between downtown and Bay View is lengthy, confusing, and dangerous, with several left turns required on busy city streets. This massive structure, with its amply wide deck, provides a sensible, direct link which needs to be utilized.
45). M. Jesse Torres Jr. Milwaukee/Bay View, Wisconsin.
Anything that increases bike trails/walkways in this city should be supported. I see too many fat/overweight persons while I'm trying to navigate through the streets of Milwaukee; I'm sure they would benefit from this great idea too. Perhaps it would encourage more persons to become healthier. Go for it!
46). Mike Drljaca Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Biking on the Hoan Bridge should be a given...
47). Robert B. Dames Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This is long overdue; there is plenty of room on the Hoan for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Milwaukee needs to evolve out it's small town mind set and actively engage all citizens. Grow up!!!
48). Brian Robbins Milwaukee, Wisconsin
this would open up fun safe and convenient ways to access the south and bring people into the city
49). Eric Maynard Milwaukee, Wisconsin
50). Glenn Elert New York, New York
1) nice views 2) safer N-S connection than city streets 3) cyclist pay taxes - the bridge is theirs too 4) shouldn't be too expensive 5) traffic on the Hoan is normally light - a bike lane would have almost no impact 6) all major bridges in NYC have bike lanes - a precedent has already been set 7) just sounds like a cool idea
51). Nick Zamorski Waukesha, Wisconsin
I live in Waukesha and frequently ride from Waukesha to the lakefront along the bike trails. I am very impressed with how well all of the trails are connected, but I think it could be even better if a bike path were put on the Hoan bridge.
52). Nan Schneider Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We live right at the end (Bayview)of the Hoan bridge and we work downtown. It would be efficient, cheap and fun for us to be able to just hop on the Hoan and bike into the city. Not only for our work but shopping, reaching the trails by the lakefront, going to Summerfest. I have ridden on the Golden Gate, and it could work here using the same idea they have. Major tourist attraction. Barricade an outside lane from traffic, make the lane two way for bikes and we can RIDE THE HOAN!! Thank you
53). richard muza Oak Creek, Wisconsin
I crossed the bridge on my bicycle from south to north twice. The second time I was caught as I was exiting the bridge. A kindly sheriff talked with me at length about bicycling on the bridge. He asked why today, I said because it is such a beautiful day. He told me he would not give me a ticket if we could come to an understanding and shake hands. I jumped at the chance to get out of such an expensive ticket. It wasn't untill later I realized what that understanding implys----. I am not to ride my bike on the bridge again. I SHOOK HIS HAND !!!!!! I can't go on the bridge again on my bike!!!!!! All bets are off if we get the law changed. Of course I am all for that.
54). mike delie Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Hoan bridge is one of the only places in the city of Milwaukee with an amazing view at all 360 degrees. It should definitely be opened to bicycles and walkers, and would help link bayview and downtown in a more progressive way than any car-only bridge can. If the adequate safety steps were taken, as well as the right aesthetic steps, this would probably be a great way to get more people biking, which is really the ultimate goal in the first place.
55). mary lou lamonda Milwaukee, Wisconsin
One of the best views of the city, it only makes sense to make it available to those that can fully appreciate it...bikers and walkers. Such a relaxing way to get to the southside or northside.
56). Bill Jonas , Wisconsin
Where is there room to comment if I do not support the path? [BIKE THE HOAN COALITION SAYS: This web site is set up to give a voice to people who support bicycling on the Hoan. We do not know where those opposed to this project have a web site, but among us there is a belief that resistance to this idea is being paid for by oil profits and automobile manufacturers. They are well endowed to fight our idea in public if they choose. Thanks for your support in any case!]
57). kyle schulz New Berlin, Wisconsin
I have driven my car across the Hoan many times before and the view is breathtaking. I would be so appreciative if the city allowed a bike/walk lane. it would allow so many more people to really appreciate the bridge and the city of Milwaukee.
58). Mary DiBiasio Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
The current east-most route is Water/First/KK. Not ideal for bikers or walkers. Making a path along the HOAN would be perfect!
59). Matthew Brusky Milwaukee, Wisconsin
60). Robert Kraig Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A Hoan Bridge bike path will improve quality of life and draw of the City of Milwaukee. We now have two wonderful bike path systems that are cut in half. Connecting them over the Hoan Bridge would, a comparativly little cost, give Milwaukee a priceless asset that would encourage more people to move here and more to stay.
61). James J. Godsil Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Free the Hoan from the cars,
62). Julie Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This would allow me to bike to work!
63). JAMES RAYMUS Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lets open the bridge to all of our residents. lets be as forward looking as Madison Wisconsin is . They are way ahead of us.
64). Chris Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I wholeheartedly support a bike-walk path for the Hoan Bridge.
65). Robert B. Dames Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I don't understand all the constipation, resistance, and refusal to acknowledge bicycle access to the Hoan bridge; it seems a peculiarly small minded mid-westernish point of view that ham strings those of us who live here to this myopic view point. I rode across the Hoan two winter's ago during the "jingle bell ride" and I fondly remember how mortified the sheriff was when he pulled our group over on the Bay View side of the bridge. He couldn't believe that we had the ordasity, the effrontery, and the balls to do that. He practically broke into tears, much like a school house sissy, when cajoling us about the inherent dangers of bicycle vs. bridge. All I have to say regarding that experience is that there's tons of room up there for bicycles and / or pedestrians. I've crossed far bigger bridges from Eugene OR. to Los Angeles, CA. This dopey argument that Bikes, people, don't belong there lacks true any sensible value. The powers that be in Milwaukee need to grow up, get their heads out of the muck, and free that bridge for bicycles and pedestrians alike. Robert B. Dames
66). Maggie Nelson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
67). Crystal DeGrote Milwaukee, Wisconsin
68). Brodie Tierney Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It would be a great addition overall! It would be a much more enjoyable (straight shot) ride/walk from the southside to downtown (lakefront)...
69). jessica wineberg Riverwest- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
70). Zachary Holochwost Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I bike from Bay View to the East Side and back everyday to get to school and work. The Hoan Bridge would not only make it faster for me, but would offer some spectacular views in the morning and the evening.
71). Nate Roth Shorewood, Wisconsin
72). Linda Fausel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A bike/walking path on the Hoan makes sense for Milwaukee. It could be a step (no pun intended) toward a healthier community, linking fabulous Bayview with the east side lake front! Many of us might venture over more often for events at Veterans Park and the art center if parking wasn't such a problem. We'd love to be able to walk!!
73). Cindy Chitko Racine, Wisconsin USA
Biking and Walking are so cool. Why doesn't everyone do. Yea, just do it! I only drove the Hoan Bridge once and it would seem so cool to walk or bike.
74). Stephanie Stella Milwaukee, Wisconsin
75). Marty Mequon, Wisconsin
I would really enjoy riding or walking with Andrea. ------
76). Ann Frankowiak West Allis, Wisconsin
I love biking and walking and I would encourage anyone to take up a healthier lifestyle. You could loose weight feel great and look fabulous. Get to know your city. Bike it or walk it and you'll know it in a more personal way.
77). Peter Bandettini Bethesda, Maryland
Having grown up in Milwaukee, I always wanted this to happen. It would really improve both sides of the bridge.
78). Erin Leffelman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
79). Valerie Chamberlain Milwaukee, Wisconsin
80). Freddy Guard Milwaukee, Wisconsin
81). Cheryl Both Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The bike/walk path will be a wonderful addition to enhancing our city. Providing this healthy option and opportunity can only be a plus!
82). B. Fields Milwaukee, Wisconsin
83). Nathan Longley West Allis, Wisconsin
84). Wendy Blumenthal Bayside, (Milwaukee Country), Wisconsin
85). Roberta London Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This definitely should be an available option for cyclists and walkers.
86). Richard London Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A Hoan bridge that accommodates bikes and pedestrians will be a monument to a healthier, more environmentally harmonious community.
87). angela vickio Shorewood, Wisconsin
88). Rick Stratton Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Open it up!!
89). Cory Lampert (Bay View) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
90). Nicholas Roeglin West Allis, Wisconsin
91). Danielle Rodriguez Milwaukee, Wisconsin
92). Sarah Kortbein Milwaukee, Wisconsin
93). Don Buck Milwaukee, Wisconsin
94). Michael Brady Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I proud to part of this wonderful group that supports the bike-walk-trail on the Hoan. I have been commuting to work for 30 years, and for over 20 years taking a group of 50 on the Oak Leaf Trail over Labor Day, every year looking up at the Hoan and saying maybe next year ... maybe this year!!
95). Terri deRoon Pewaukee, Wisconsin
It would be a fabulous way to connect Bayview with the rest of downtown and even the northern towns along the lake! It would be just a great biking route!
96). Teressa Kocs Milwaukee, Wisconsin
97). Eric Seegers Milwaukee, Wisconsin
98). Melanie Davis Glendale, Wisconsin
With all the congestion and interstate projects, bike-to-work is the way to go. Most insurance companies give cut rates for those that bike commute, and many more business offer incentives for those that bike/walk into work.
99). cindy buteyn Milwaukee, Wisconsin
100). Brian Grafton, Wisconsin
101). Kathleen Hurley Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I would definitely use my bike to commute downtown where I work from Bay View where I live, should there ever be a Hoan bike path. As it is, I use public transportation. If there was ever a more exciting recent proposal to add to the Milwaukee fabric, I haven't heard of it. This could become one of the must-do activities in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a great city--make its assets even more visible from the Hoan!
102). Joseph Lenahan, Wisconsin
103). Jim Ghere Milwaukee, Wisconsin
104). Paul Butterbrodt Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
105). Andrew Cassini Pewaukee, Wisconsin
"Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it." - Mark Twain This is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Milwaukee to be leaders in reducing automobile congestion (and its associated air pollution) and encouraging alternative transportation.
106). Dean Meinerz Waukesha, Wisconsin
If you supply easier, friendlier ways for people to get from one area to another, they will use it. A few less autos on the road, and a few more pedestrians, will make many people happier. You can't force people to use it, but if you make the alternatives legal and safe, people who care about their city and their health will make use of it. An extremely sensible use.
107). Stephanie Kershek Bayview, Wisconsin
Like I've read under many other names here, exercise is a necessity these days to contribute to a healthy life style. Biking and walking are great forms of exercise as well as relaxation, transportation and hobby. Now that the gas prices have soared, we have more reasons to put this plan into effect. I know I would love to commute to work via the Hoan on my bike (from Bayview to downtown). I could view a gorgeous sunrise, get some exercise before I sit on my butt all day and save money! Think about it!!
108). Kayla Wilde Milwaukee, Wisconsin
109). Bill VanValkenburgh Oak Creek, Wisconsin
110). Carrie Kelly Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Our nation's capitol has a bike lane along Interstate 95 crossing the Potomac River from Virginia to Washington DC. Why can't we bike on the side of 794?
111). Yaakov Cieslewicz Milwaukee, Wisconsin
112). Deb Petrusha Milwaukee (Riverwest), Wisconsin
113). Christian Ford Hinsdale, Illinois
I believe that a bridge, no matter what it is made of, should always be a reminder that if there is a problem, someone will find a way to solve it. The Hoan Bridge Bike-walk Path is not something the city should take lightly. A walkway or bike-path is the ultimate solution to this dilemma.
114). Jeff Grabowski Bay|Milwaukee|View, Wisconsin
I think this would make a great, quick, and scenic short cut for cyclists to get downtown or the east side. I myself have a lot of friends on the east side and there is never anywhere to park so biking there would be way more efficient for myself.
115). Randy Adams Milwaukee, Wisconsin
116). Krissy Hofmeister Mukwonago, Wisconsin
117). Russ Anderson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
118). Craig Kuklinski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
119). Greg Walz-Chojnacki Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
A little thinking out of the box is a good thing. This is a perfect use of this county asset, and should not be ignored simply because it's mildly unconventional.
120). Ellen Hanratty Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Increased exercise=decreased health care costs. Hoan Bridge Bike Path=increased exercise. Therefore, Hoan Bridge Bike Path=decreased health care costs.
121). Billie Parkston, South Dakota
122). Joon Kim Milwaukee, Wisconsin
123). Linda Ann Kupsik Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Let's promote a healthy lifestyle with more Bike-Walk Paths. We all need more of the outdoors by getting out from behind the Wheel. My husband and I walk 1 hour everyday and would love to bike-walk the Hoan also.
124). Patty Tipson Hartford, Connecticut
125). Steve Giles Milwaukee, Wisconsin
126). Alyssa Leighton Milwaukee, Wisconsin
127). Mary E. Kelly Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This is a concept that should have been implemented a long time ago
128). Stephen Williams Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
129). Kathleen Ortman Miller Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I was a naysayer when the city started talking about a Riverwalk. I just didn't believe, with our winters, that it would be a draw. I was so wrong! It's a jewel, and a focal point for wonderful attractions of all kinds that have followed this vision to our downtown. It's the place to be now, as evidenced by the boom in residential construction. Suburban clients of mine have told me they hadn't been downtown for years in the evening until they visited the Riverwalk, and now want to spend more time downtown, or even retire to the downtown. It's the happening place.

It's the same with the bikepath. We NEED a bikepath on the Hoan bridge even more. The bridge itself is the arch at the center of the city. To drive across is frustrating because shortsighted planners did not think of the view from the position of seated motorists. You can't see much past the solid sidewalls when seated in a car. What passenger hasn't twisted himself around, trying to see from a car on that bridge? When I had the chance to participate in the annual walk across the bridge some years ago, I realized what a draw this gorgeous perspective could be if there were more ways to access it.

Every bicyclist in the area loves the Oak leaf trail that follows our shoreline and rivers, except for that traffic-challenged stretch when you have to go via S. 2nd etc, because of lack of a better connection between the north shore and the south shore. The Hoan bridge is the ultimately logical connection, and would bring recreational bicyclists from all over the world (in addition to the ones who come for the races). My fantasy bikepath over the Hoan has a partly transparent wind screen, that would allow it to be a four season route for bicycle commutes, and relieve the ozone load that blows this way some summer days.

So many interior neighborhoods have regenerated as stand-alone islands. Why keep us apart?

130). Barbara Leigh Milwaukee, Wisconsin
As a person with a disability and without a car, I and many wheelchair users would appreciate more opportunities to get from one part of town to the other without a vehicle. I also use a tricycle on the bike paths, and would love to use the Hoan Bridge to connect Northside to Southside trails.
131). Katherine Keller Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I would think that walking or biking over the Hoan Bridge would be exhilarating for a number of reasons: the wind, the elevation over the land, the proximity to the lake, the horizon of the lake, the skyline, the view of the marina. I think it would be a safer ride for those making the Bay View bike commute that KK and 1st. Perhaps less polluted too since it seems probable that exhaust fumes would be more rapidly dispersed "up there" than down on the street.
132). carol conway Milwaukee, Wisconsin
133). michael j conway Milwaukee, Wisconsin
134). Nicholas Ginster Milwaukee, Wisconsin
135). Robert B. Dames Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I completed a Eugene, OR, to Los Angelos bicycle tour this past summer and road across bridges all the way down the 1220 mile route. The absence of a bike path on the Hoan is short sighted and seriously close minded. For example, one half of the Golden Gate bridge - non motorized portion - is reserved exclusively for bicycles; walkers take the other side. Milwaukee's urban planners need to address the full access of the bridge. At present, it's an unrealized resource.
136). Shemagne O'Keefe Milwaukee, Wisconsin
137). Jesse Maule Milwaukee, Wisconsin
138). Janice Sindic West Allis, Wisconsin
I have walked over the Hoan Bridge and the view is spectacular... it will be nice to do it again!
139). Brian Ritchie Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee needs as many bike options as possible. I lived in NYC for 10 years and crossed the Brooklyn, Manhattan or Williamsburg bridges several times a week. It would be nice to have a similar option here. The view is great. Another point is the psychological Berlin Wall which has always existed between the South Side and East Side/Downtown. Geographically Bay View and Downtown are only minutes apart but there is a cultural gap. A bike and pedestrian path on the Hoan Bridge would help to minimize this.
140). Jose Vallejo Milwaukee, Wisconsin
141). barbara o'connell Osceola, Wisconsin
I think this would be an awesome addition to the recreation of people to get out and enjoy the out of doors.
142). Jim Graebert Mequon, Wisconsin
A great idea. This would be the ultimate workout up & a fantastic breeze with a view on the way down. Milwaukee would benefit by having such a great location for bikers!
143). Brian Krueger Milwaukee, Wisconsin
144). Andrea Jehly Milwaukee (Bayview), Wisconsin
145). Julie Jahnke Milwaukee, Wisconsin
146). Andrew Weber Milwaukee, Wisconsin
147). Troy Oleson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
148). David M. Hollis Corvallis, Oregon
149). Eric Gietzen Bay View, Wisconsin
Hoan Bridge: sunrise ride. Workday center; weekend fun. Sunset takes me home.
150). Richard Schmitz Racine, Wisconsin
This is an excellent idea! If they build it, I will definitely be one of the people enjoying it. I would love to extend my rides through downtown Milwaukee.
151). mike grzesiak Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Make this signature symbol of Milwaukee something we can experience for more than 2 minutes traveling at 50 miles per hour. It's a shame that this great bridge isn't accessible to bikers. This is one of the reasons Milwaukee is dying--inability to change. Imagine how many people would trek from the southside, across the bridge, past the art museum, up Lincoln Memorial Drive, and maybe spend a few bucks to help get business running in the area.
152). robbie brennan San Francisco, California
153). Dan LeTendre Greenfield, Wisconsin
154). Penelope June Wagner Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I am a long-distance runner/biker, walk and am a homeowner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and would like to see that The Hoan Bridge could be utilized in a way that people can view our great City from a very beautiful perspective. I also work 2 jobs (Chauffeur/Legal Secretary) and frequent the Hoan Bridge very much. It would be a great thing for the people of Milwaukee to have such a path open.
155). Monty Steele New Berlin, Wisconsin
156). Glen Bishop Milwaukee, Wisconsin
157). Megan Humitz Bay View, Wisconsin
158). Dennis E. Walker Milwaukee, Wisconsin
159). Angela DeStefanis Bayview, Wisconsin
This is a fantastic idea!
160). Christopher Durfee West Allis, Wisconsin
I very much enjoy riding the bike path from Shorewood down to the lakefront. I would enjoy heading further south into St. Francis/Cudahy towards the South Shore Park bike paths if there was a more scenic, less city street route.
161). Scott Litkowski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I live in Bay View and this would be ideal for getting downtown.
162). Russell Stetzer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
163). Dan Casanova Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In addition to adding this path I think the bridge should be remodeled to become more of a landmark. Also, the I-794 distinction should be removed and it should just become a regular street to discourage fast traffic to ensure the safety of walkers/bikers.
164). Jim Spice Bay View, Wisconsin
165). Jody Pawelski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
166). krissy henning Milwaukee, Wisconsin
167). Dawn Bachman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
168). Nate Piotrowski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
169). Amanda Gerndt Milwaukee, Wisconsin
170). steve bush St. Francis, Wisconsin
171). Jay Jaszewski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Everybody remember and take note that Scott Walker opposed having the Bike Path on the Hoan.
172). Ryan Taylor Milwaukee, Wisconsin
173). Linda Roberts Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Make Milwaukee and the nearby area bike-friendly. I can't but believe that the more bike-friendly the roads are in Milwaukee, the more that people will start bike-riding. I've long been envious of my brother who lives in Madison and can easily bike to his job in downtown Madison on a bike trail. The major difficulty with the Oak Leaf Trail in Milwaukee are the disconnects between major areas. Please close one of these disconnects by making the Hoan bridge bike-friendly!
174). Melinda Roberts Milwaukee, Wisconsin
175). Deb Ridgway Milwaukee, Wisconsin
176). Justin Nichols Milwaukee, Wisconsin
177). Allegra Roberts Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In a city that was some of the worst air pollution in the country and the highest asthma rates in the state anything we can do to encourage our community to explore other routes of transportation should be and must be whole-heartedly supported by our elected officials. A bike/ped path on the Hoan Bridge would only yield benefit after benefit for both the city and its residents and visitors.
178). Lisa Marie Kerkela Milwaukee, Wisconsin
179). Jennifer Johnston Oak Creek, Wisconsin
180). Quinn Madson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
181). Samu Karlsson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
182). Steve Castner Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Its a long ride under and around the Hoan...
183). Kelly Mulhern Milwaukee, Wisconsin
184). Don Iwen Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In the wake of the absurd amount of money being spent on the Marquette interchange, it makes an amazing amount of sense to do this.
185). Christine M. Quinn Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If I could bike the Hoan, I'd relocate to Bay View - there's no really good alternative bike route from there to Downtown where I work. I believe a bike lane with a barrier on the Hoan would be far safer than biking KK at rush hour.
186). Tiffany Koehler Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I think its a an excellent idea:) The bridge is paid for! I would jump on my bike vs. my car if given the chance to go over the Hoan:) What a beautiful site:) Enjoy life:)
187). Rachel Karlsson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
188). Robert Aring Milwaukee, Wisconsin
189). Kurt Hartwig Milwaukee, Wisconsin
190). Leena Anturkar Chicago, Illinois
191). Rebecca M. Zach Bay View, Wisconsin
192). Amy L. Carlson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
193). Gerry Olive Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It's right to give cyclists more and safe options for need and recreation. Hoan access will connect the City in a right way and encourage cycling.
194). Glen Radford Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Opening the bridge to bike traffic would make it a more feasible commuting option.
195). Rosemary Brunetto Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Just do it!
196). Peter Smith Milwaukee, Wisconsin
197). Wanda Johansen Arvada, Colorado
198). Julie Schaefer Cudahy, Wisconsin
199). Brian Lehky Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
200). Brian Blaney Milwaukee, Wisconsin
201). Steve Waldorf Milwaukee, Wisconsin
202). Scott Siegel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
203). Nicholas Frank Shorewood, Wisconsin
204). Bruce Warren Milwaukee, Wisconsin
205). Brian Brewer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
206). Kurt Young Binter Mke, Wisconsin
207). Julie Kinunen Bay View, Wisconsin
208). Brian Wilson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Thanks for your efforts! Ride on, Milwaukee...
209). Kris Hartz Milwaukee, Wisconsin
210). Joshua C. Isham Milwaukee, Wisconsin
211). Lynn McBride Milwaukee, Wisconsin
212). Chris Gleissner Milwaukee, Wisconsin
213). josh kliebe Milwaukee, Wisconsin
214). Andrew Scrivener Cedarburg, Wisconsin
So Zoe can walk to visit to Lehky...
215). Patty Pritchard Bay View, Wisconsin USA
It would be great if the Hoan Bridge could be used by bikers and walkers to take advantage of the fabulous city views. While it may not be the Golden Gate or Sydney Harbor, perhaps it could be one of Milwaukee's attractions!
216). Emily Hamel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I almost tried to cross the other day- then I thought I would either be killed or at the very least get a ticket- a path would be awesome.
217). Jeff Gervais Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It is time for this to be done, whether it is on the ground below the bridge, or on top of it going over. We need to get serious about making Milwaukee a bike-friendlier city.
218). Laura Sutherland Milwaukee, Wisconsin
219). Sheila Rittmann Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I think it is a necessity.
220). Thomas Colla Milwaukee, Wisconsin
221). Aric C Harris Milwaukee, Wisconsin
222). Geoff Pauers Fredonia, Wisconsin
223). Andy Tarnoff Milwaukee, Wisconsin
224). Molly Snyder Edler Milwaukee, Wisconsin
There's enough bridge for bikers.
225). Scott Ertl Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It makes more sense than trying to ride on I-94.
226). Thomas Sabourin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
227). Derrick Dahl Milwaukee, Wisconsin
228). Alan Bengtson St. Joseph, Michigan
Adding the Hoan Bridge Bike-Walk Path to the Milwaukee lakefront would be an incredible asset to the city. As a previous resident of the East Side, I know the advantage of connecting the downtown with the South Side. I have ridden KK, etc. many times and can see the advantage of having a safe, traffic free route for recreational and daily bicycle commuters along the bridge.
229). Ron Santoro Milwaukee, Wisconsin
230). Ben Tri St. Paul, Minnesota
I used to live in the area and I believe that the bridge would be a definite benefit to the area.
231). Suzanne Janoska Hales Corners, Wisconsin
great idea
232). Michael Brandenburg Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I want to thank everyone on this list...you've all said it perfectly (although some have said it rather oddly!). I hope to soon be able to give each of you a smile and a wave while passing you at fifteen miles an hour under the yellow arch!
233). Derl Howe Milwaukee, Wisconsin
234). s anderson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We need an alternative to using KK to get downtown and the upper east side. KK is dangerous commute route for bicycles during rush hours.
235). Bryan Conti Milwaukee, Wisconsin
236). Rob Yeo Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Opening the Hoan Bridge to bicyclists and pedestrians is an excellent idea that I strongly support. The bridge is an underappreciated resource that could serve as a direct link to downtown and the east side for bicycle commuters and touring bicyclists on the Oak Leaf Trail. Plus, the "view from the top" would immediately become a magnet for residents and visitors that could spawn additional commercial activities on the lakefront, downtown and Bay View. Other states have opened their bridges to bicyclists and pedestrians and have experienced economic benefits from the new flow of visitors. Requiring a relatively small investment, opening the Hoan Bridge would be a step in the direction of attracting, supporting and retaining a healthier population. The proposal makes good economic and environmental sense.
237). SCOTT FREGIEN Racine, Wisconsin
238). Elinor Tretheway Milwaukee, Wisconsin
239). Barry N. Stuart Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We need to elect public leaders that can see the possibility of a Hoan Bridge bike-walk path working. Except for our outgoing mayor, John Norquist, Not too many can envision such an idea in Milwaukee. Carlson's editorial cartoon in the Dec.22 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel was right on the money. A similar bridge in Australia, Sydney's Harbour Bridge, to be exact has for a long time welcomed cyclists and pedestrians. Despite the factthat Aussies drive on the opposite side of the road from us Americans, they've given this a real go! Once we've cleared out the ol' fogies Let's give this idea a go! One, not only would building a bike path over the Hoan be a logical connector between the north and south halves of the Oak Leaf Trail, but it would give easier access to S. Lincoln Memorial Dr. and the Lake Express high-speed ferry, the easiest access to the other side of Lake Michigan. Oct. 15, 2005, I visited Muskegon and Grand Haven, MI and took my bike over the US31 Drawbridge near Grand Haven. My photo of this bridge shows the lane's feasibility. Let's do it!
240). John Bergman Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
A bike path on the East side of the Hoan would be FANTASTIC!
241). Lisa Leigh Peterson Racine, Wisconsin USA
242). Gina Brookfield, Wisconsin USA
243). Peter DiAntoni Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A bike-walk path on the Hoan would give human-powered transportation a big boost in Milwaukee. I'm all for it!
244). Scott Achs Dayton, Ohio
I had to sign this petition because I couldn't agree more with Finnian Ford's idealism. I had a cat named George and I'll be Damned if a bikeway isn't established. I've been to the Hinsdale Country Club and I've seen the Lunacy first hand. Bikepaths are not only the future they are the way. Please, Please, Please take careful steps in assurance.
245). Craig McKinney Milwaukee, Wisconsin
246). Mark Kessenich Milwaukee, Wisconsin
247). Juliann Milwaukee, Wisconsin
248). Tim Gallion Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bayview needs easier bike access to downtown and the east side.
249). Joay Wiscombe West Valley City, Utah
I think that people should be able to use the bridge if they want to.
250). Kristen Lemke Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A link for the Oak Leaf Trail using the Hoan Bridge would be awesome! I'm trying to use my car less and that would open up a lot more places I could go!
251). Naven R. Johnson Beloit, Wisconsin
It seems that we all share the common interest of wanting a bridge. One of the reasons that I would like to see the bridge is to watch all of the people enjoying themselves on it. People like, Brian, little Ford, Rob, Finn, Eric and Nathan. These are all people that share a love, a passion, a unity, and a drive to make their dreams come true. I feel that if we want to reach our goals, and that if we all work together we can accomplish our goals. We need to become more active and get our friends and family involved in signing this petition. We need all the help we can get.
252). Brian Hoyt Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Yo, what up. Me and my friend, little Ford, love to ride bikes! When we were friends we would ride around the blocks where we grew up. Now that we are older we want to ride over bridges. This bridge may be just another thing for some people but for little Ford and I we would like to take this to and from Brewer Games on nice spring, summer and fall days. I have a nice bike, I don't mean to brag but, well, you know. My old girlfriend, "Mill" used to ride bikes too. She was a great rider, god rest her sole. Well, If we get this bridge ever, I will be first in line with my bike to cross it. I think I should be the first to cross, because all of my friends look up to me. It all started with a 1977 Gremlin that I had in high school, I won't get in to that now but you can ask me about it when we run in to each other on the path! I hope it is before I die!
253). Robert T. George Dekalb, Illinois
Sometimes I don't talk so good to girls. So, when I'm go to the vacation. I take my bike with me. It's is my one true friend, and lover. I like my bike. My bike is always willing to listen. We can talk for hours. My bike sometimes feels hurted on bad roads. I would like to show my friend "bikey" that I care. We need this path. It could save our relationship.
254). Finnian Ford Hinsdale, Illinois
To all those who care, my name is Finnian. When I was a child my mom used to tell me that girls and I go hand and hand. The point of the story is that this bridge can bring us all together. I now have a girlfriend; her name is Jessica. I think she is hot but all of my friends, I don't know what they think of her. The point of this story is that we need a bridge for many reasons including biking. The first priority is a way for cars to go, but we have that now let's get one for bikes. A bridge will save small children as well. I see kids riding their bike on the road some times and I lean out of my Subaru and yell, "Hey, get off the bridge before you get killed or something bad like that!" They don't listen to me because they are just doing the convenient thing for themselves. The little selfish bastards don't think of the pain they would cause by getting run over by a truck or something big like that. Well, I hope you all have learned a bit more today. ! GET THE BRIDGE!
255). Christina Land Milwaukee, Wisconsin
256). Eric Ansell Chicago, Illinois
I love to ride my bike! The walker on this path better stay out of my way! I love to take my bike all places, I'm usually too drunk to drive; this path will stop me from driving my car.
257). Nathan Ansell Milwaukee, Wisconsin
My brother, Eric comes to visit me in my apartment and he loves to bike with me. We bike together all the time and we always talk about the path over the bridge. Sometimes he says to me, "Nate (short for Nathan) I wish there was a trail over this bridge." I'm not sure why he feels so strong about this, but he often gets upset when he says this. I would just enjoy a bridge path to walk and enjoy the summer wind blowing down the river (in the summer.) To all who care about this bridge path, Let's stick together, because we're all we got!
258). Wendy Jensen Milwaukee, Wisconsin
259). Michael Weber Milwaukee, Wisconsin
260). Patrick S Maloney Milwaukee, Wisconsin
261). Jim Plaisted Milwaukee, Wisconsin
262). Peter Poole Saint Francis,
I live in Saint Francis and work on the East side. Using the bridge path would be much safer than riding around the harbour and through the Downtown area. We already have too many cars on the road. This project would help ease congestion and make us all a lot happier.
263). Sean Kane Milwaukee, Wisconsin
264). Mark Zbikowski Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
265). Cynthia Marie Frankowiak Wytch Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Anything to help wean us from our cars should be encouraged!
266). Steven Rick Milwaukee, Wisconsin
267). steve scheller Atlanta, Georgia
268). David Kroenke Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I am David Kroenke Student Senate Legislative Chair at Milwaukee Area Technical College West Campus. I am looking for the e-mail or phone number for the persons in charge of this event. I study at the largest technical college(65,000+ students) in the United States. I would like to spread the word at my college and am willing to spend time and be the student rep to this organization. I have access to information tables and can work at them at my school for free! I can profusively "get the word out!" for the Hoan Bridge Bike Path.
269). Jim Kirschling Milwaukee, Wisconsin
270). Terry L. Harris Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I just can't believe the State of Wisconsin, I've never seen heads buried so far up a dark , wet place. Do they not realize that we have paid for this bridge more than once already. The small cost to mark or even make the required area open for such a trail is far less than all the money they put into far more useless projects all over the state. This is an idea whose time has more than just come, it is grossly overdue and waiting only adds to the cost.
271). Julie Ann Kasper Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It's a beautiful drive and would make a lovely bike ride or jog. The best views in the city. --Julie
272). JP Maschke Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Let's close the circle of the Oak Leaf Trail with a chance to fly over the Menomonee River Valley!
273). chad nauta Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Adding the bike-walk path can help further establish Milwaukee as an outdoor-enthusiast's metro-Mecca....think Portland, Seattle, etc. This can help re-establish or identity as a city which is in obvious need of help after the recent national survey.
274). Jen Jahrmann Milwaukee , Wisconsin
275). Linda Stone Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I believe this will encourage more people to use the parks and bike paths more...Our county supervisor needs to be encouraged to see that the Hoan bridge path AND the path along the lake in St. Francis be paved. We need more out door recreational opportunities in Milwaukee County so that our citizens are encouraged to exercise more and weigh less.
276). jason reimer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
let's get this thing done. it really shouldn't be this big a deal. Seriously, what's the problem here?
277). Douglas Stone Milwaukee , Wisconsin
278). Steve Winter Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
I can't believe Scott Walker is citing cost as a prohibitive factor considering the financial abuse taxpayers continually absorb. What a positive thing this would be for Milwaukee yet the issue has to be beaten to death before it hopefully is reality. The under-used Hoan is an ideal connector route for the Oak Leaf that offers a spectacular view of the lake. Build it now!
279). Dan Leischer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It would provide a safer way to get downtown or the lakefront by bike.
280). Diane Kercheck Milwaukee, Wisconsin
281). Joel Wakefield Oak Creek, Wisconsin
It's about time for this to happen.
282). Mike Scherkenbach Waterford, Wisconsin
Riding a bicycle on the streets of Milwaukee is very dangerous. I have had many near miss accidents particularly in the stretch of streets between Bay View and Milwaukee. These streets are narrow and there is heavy traffic. The sidewalks here are also dangerous. A bike path over the Hoan bridge will keep bikers like me off the streets and in the parks following a much safer route along a bike trail. The bike trail over the Hoan is the much needed missing link to connect the south shore trails with Milwaukee's lake front and parks.
283). Jacob Wallace Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Everyone in this town wants this thing built.... We don't want it running through 2nd Street; we want it on the Hoan. That bridge sports one of the best views in the entire country and those that I have talked with from other cities are surprised we don't already have one built there. Thank you.
284). John Leitzmann Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Please add a biking lane to the Hoan Bridge
285). Sally Mathews Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
286). gordon gilbert lindemann Mequon, Wisconsin
This last week crossing the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, I was impressed by the number of bicycles and walkers on the bridge. There are much stronger winds there than on the Hoan. It can't be as much of a safety issue if it can work at the Golden Gate.
287). William Rouleau + Kate O'Keefe Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Living in Bay View and working downtown, we both would use this thoroughfare daily.
288). curtis schulz St Francis, Wisconsin
I think a bike/walk path on the east side of the Hoan would be a plus for metro Milwaukee. Citizens and tourists would have another way of enjoying the beautiful lake shore and surrounding views. It works in other cities, why not Milwaukee?
289). John Kuhnmuench Milwaukee, Wisconsin
290). John Rossetto Milwaukee, Wisconsin
291). Penny Weikel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
292). Robert Powers Milwaukee, Wisconsin
293). Valerie Roulo Dunedin, Florida
This is a fabulous idea! For all the reasons already stated on this petition! From the first day the Hoan Bridge opened I wondered why it couldn't also be open to bicycles and pedestrians. It's about time! I used to live across the street from South Shore Park and rode on the 76 bike trail more times than I can count - but only went north on it two or three times. At the time once you got to Water/1st Street and until you got downtown the bike path was a little too scary and probably dangerous also but I was young ... Anyway, I think opening the Hoan to bicycles and walkers would not only provide a better and safer route for bicycling commuters, but also provide recreational (and adventurous) types a better opportunity to explore the other side of town from where they live (south to north and north to south).
294). Jay Onisch Milwaukee, Wisconsin
295). Paul Widlarz Greendale, Wisconsin
296). Robert Kennedy Cudahy, Wisconsin
I would ride to work (downtown Milwaukee) if a viable and safe bike path existed from Cudahy to downtown.
297). Charles S. Shonat Milwaukee, Wisconsin
298). Alistair Watt Milwaukee, Wisconsin
299). Michelle Fox Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I think it's a great idea. Milwaukee needs to be more bicycle friendly and encourage this environment friendly, economic and healthy mode of transportation
300). Paul Blochowiak Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Studies have shown our local youth have lost interest in physical fitness. Why not improve our environment to help reverse that trend.
301). patricia cochran Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
302). Paul Knight Milwaukee, Wisconsin
303). Donald P. Weinberg Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
304). robert simmelink Shorewood, Wisconsin
305). John McKinstra Milwaukee, Wisconsin
306). Kari Lynn Milwaukee, Wisconsin
307). Dave cannon Winter Park, Florida
It's a no-brainer. The Bike trail system is one of the best things about Milwaukee. Whenever I return to Milwaukee (which is at least once a year) I borrow a bike and ride the 76 Trail. Yeah, yeah I know its now called the Oak Leaf Trail. The option of riding over the Hoan instead of winding thru city streets (which do have their own charm)will only add to Milwaukee's world class bike route.
308). Maria A LaPorte Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ignore the "TALK RADIO" pundits who seemingly have all the answers...This is an opportunity to show-off one of the most inspiring sights in the Metro area. It will also provide a direct & reliable link between downtown & the south end.
309). Meg Donohoo Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
310). Steve Weinstein Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Last time there was so much discussion necessary to bring the North and South together this country experienced a Civil War. We don't need that again. My goodness, this is a simple bike path. Let's get it built and let's do it NOW!
311). tom martin Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
This would be a bike tour highlight, and make our city more attractive to residents and visitors.
312). Mark W. Zalewski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
313). Greg Kosmeder Colgate, Wisconsin
Paths for Alternative transportation, it has to be...for a future.
314). Jon Westmore Glendale, Wisconsin
315). Spencer Hoyt Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Simply put, a bike path over the Hoan bridge is needed & will be used by many. This bike path is a complementary link to the visionary "Downtown Milwaukee" plan currently being developed.
316). Paul Roberts Racine, Wisconsin
What a fantastic opportunity to see something besides the back of a bus on the way to work! Thanks for your efforts!
317). Rick Huneidi Fox Point, Wisconsin
318). Robert Cramer South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
319). Stacie Ortmeier Milwaukee, Wisconsin
320). Scott Huntley West Allis, Wisconsin
I think a bike path over the Hoan is very worth while. Milwaukee needs more outdoor recreation options.
321). Melissa Daniels Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee needs to become more bike-friendly.
322). Roger Retzlaff Shorewood, Wisconsin
A bikeway on the Hoan Bridge needs to be built as an essential component of the transportation network in Milwaukee. It must be approached as a permanent element of a larger bikeway system to give citizens more options for transportation and recreation in the region.
323). Cathy Baerwald Cudahy, Wisconsin
324). jim lunden Shorewood, Wisconsin
325). Paul Dix Shorewood, Wisconsin
326). Eric Gibson Madison, Wisconsin
As a former resident of Milwaukee (lower east side) and Oak creek, I was often frustrated by the lack of a safe and bike friendly way to get from the Bay View area to downtown and vice versa. Adding a bike lane to the Hoan Bridge is a perfect solution, and would show that the city and county of Milwaukee are committed to alternative means of transportation and reducing pollution.
327). Mike Coon Whitewater, Wisconsin
328). Stafford Kramer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I really support the idea of biking the Hoan. In the summer I would travel it as a destination. That would be the highlight of the ride -- that would be why I'm taking that route. I may not be alone in that thinking. In my mind, the Hoan could be the highlight of a lot of other events. The Miller Ride for the Arts for example. Many, many events may take an interest in changing their routes to include the Hoan. The Walk America March of Dimes etc. Maybe even Summerfest goers!?
329). Jeff Sherman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Please let us know how OnMilwaukee.com can help?
330). julilly Kohler Milwaukee, Wisconsin
the Hoan is a much needed connection between the north and south side of the city. It also will be a spectacular piece of the bike system that is now being developed from Gordon Park, across the Marsupial (Viaduct) Bridge and Brady Street down to the Lakefront, the Lakeshore State Park, the Hoan and then south along the Kinnickinnic. this will ad immeasurably to Milwaukee county's growing reputation as a wonderful place to live -- attracting both visitors and new residents.
331). Bill Sell Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Hoan bike path will increase biking in many ways. With the concrete barrier bikers will be safer than they would be on city streets -- in any weather and at night. The "view from the top" is cherished real estate in any place -- city or mountain. Letting us walk and bike up there will mean everyone can enjoy the best view in Milwaukee. Tourists will come to share this pleasure. And that will benefit Milwaukee's economic life. This is a revision of the Milwaukee landscape that will give everyone pleasure.
332). Pam Wittenberg Milwaukee, Wisconsin
this project will complete a critical link in the Milwaukee bike trail initiative.
333). Marti Fine Fox Point, Wisconsin
334). Tim Toepel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A bike trail on the Hoan Bridge would make too much sense for the political leaders of Milwaukee. It would complete the Oak Leaf Trail and also provide a link to the North side of Milwaukee once the Henry Aaron trail is completed from Miller Park to the Lakefront. A bike trail with wonderful views of the Lakefront, Miller Park, Art Museum would be a welcome addition to Milwaukee.
335). Drew Stuyvenberg Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I'm very interested in assisting in this effort. I think Milwaukee stands to gain a great deal by increasingly offering alternatives to automobile transportation and the addition of a bike lane to the Hoan Bridge would be a major step in that process.
336). Jodi Hendricks Oak Creek, Wisconsin
If you build it... they will come!
337). Gerald Coon Milwaukee, Wisconsin
338). Richard Coffin San Francisco, California
339). ken eichstaedt Faifax, California
340). Joe Holland West Allis, Wisconsin
The more safe ways there are to get around the city self-powered (fueled by food) instead of using sedentary petrol-power makes for a more physically fit, less stressed society. I believe if a study was commissioned it would indicate that the cases of bicycle-vs-bicycle road rage are virtually nonexistent compared with the cases of auto-vs-auto road rage and auto-vs-bicycle road rage, indicating that the sedentary vehicle operator is in a position to be both physically and emotionally less healthy.
341). Carolyn Gretzinger Shorewood, Wisconsin
Bike trails will improve the quality of life in Milwaukee.
342). Colin Crowley Wheeling, Illinois
343). Alicia Muszynski Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
344). Dan Herwig Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Just do this already! How could this *possibly* be a bad thing?!! Stop complaining about your precious overloaded freeways if you're not willing to make provisions for alternative modes of transportation.
345). Daniel Kasun New Berlin, Wisconsin
This is a great idea to connect the south side (Bayview) to downtown. Putting this through makes sense for getting bike traffic off busy city streets and creating a safe route for bikers and walkers... Great idea!
346). jack hargreaves St Francis, Wisconsin
I have been commuting to work for more than 13 years from St Francis to the third ward. its a nice ride on the oak leaf until you have to leave bay St. and get on 1st or 2nd St. OPEN THE BRIDGE ALREADY.
347). joseph sutter Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Totally absurd that a city lead by a mayor who encourages less expressways, restricts one of the best opportunities to create a healthy link for the historic south side to downtown and the north. The 'bike lane' from downtown to the south side via 1st street and KK is a joke. What a waste of federal funds that are available for real bike friendly construction. Visit almost any other progressive US city and our biking support pales. Even in Quebec Canada, the bike lanes are awesome. We have arguably the nicest park system in the country, and none of it is truly linked by bike friendly paths or traffic lanes. Shame on all of us!
348). Melinda Krueger Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Thanks for organizing this great effort. I would LOVE to bike the Hoan.
349). Sean Laughlin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
350). Todd Jensen New Berlin, Wisconsin
I think this would be a great way to connect the northern and southern sections of the Oak Leaf trail without having to ride through the industrialized streets of the canal district - plus the view would be worth the trip for tourists.
351). City of Milwaukee Bicycle Task Force Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The City of Milwaukee Bicycle Task Force unanimously voted on August 27th, 2001 to support the efforts of the Bike-the-Hoan committee to establish bicycle access to, and bikeways on the Hoan Bridge. This connector is a desirable commuter and recreational opportunity, as well as a potentially unique tourist attraction that encompasses Milwaukee's downtown lakeside amenities. When completed, the Hoan route will be the crucial link in a 13-mile bike trail between Estabrook Park in the north and Grant Park in the south. The Bicycle Task Force strongly urges local representatives, state and regional planners, community organizations and neighborhood groups to consider the benefits of the Hoan Bridge as a multi-use trail site.
352). Leslie Blitstein Milwaukee, Wisconsin
353). Bruce Ansell Superior, Wisconsin
Good luck in your efforts to secure bike /ped facilities on the Hoan bridge. I bike commute frequently over the High Exposure Bong Bridge between home in Superior, WI and work in Duluth, MN. Two things to keep in consideration, from my experience: 1.)Make sure the path is WIDE enough! Situated between a 3 ft high concrete traffic barrier and a 5 ft high "cheese grater" ornamental steel fence rail, the path over the Bong is less than 6 ft wide and dangerous when alone, even worse when passing peds or other bikes! 2.)Design so wind will not deposit debris on the path surface. The Bong path is on the lee side of the bridge & traffic lanes; the predominant Lake Superior wind blows debris & road grit over the concrete barrier onto the path, where it stays until removed. Unfortunately maintenance is irregular at best. Good luck again!
354). Chris Krochalk Milwaukee, Wisconsin
355). William A Beebe Jr Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I hope our politicians can think lead instead of greed and get us walking n rolling up on the Hoan Bridge.
356). David Luna Milwaukee, Wisconsin
357). Susan Ruggles Glendale, Wisconsin
My husband and I like to ride the Oak Leaf Trail, all 70 miles of it in one day. But going through the industrial part of the city, along 1st Street, is a real pain. If we want to avoid the traffic and congestion, we can only ride that portion of the trail on Sunday morning. It's a detour, and a dangerous one at that. How much safer and more pleasant it would be to bike over the Hoan Bridge instead. That way we could stay along the shoreline. Why can't we have a dedicated path for bikers and walkers? If the Brooklyn Bridge can do it, why not the Hoan?
358). Kyle Edwards Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Two things to consider: Looking down on Summerfest from the top of the Hoan Bridge, and the view of the sunset looking west from up there. I can't remember how many times I've wanted to pull my car over and enjoy these one of a kind experiences. Local law enforcement takes a dim view of motorists stopping along I-794 however. So now is our chance to finally allow access to one of the best views in Milwaukee. Lets not blow it!
359). Gary Storck Madison, Wisconsin
360). Mariann Storck Golden, Colorado
I left Wisconsin 2 years ago. For several years prior to my departure, I commuted from Cudahy to downtown Milwaukee on my bike. One conclusion I came to was how Milwaukee needed to start an aggressive publicity campaign educating drivers and bicyclists about bikers, rules of the road and common courtesies. I cannot tell you how often I was harassed verbally or physically because I chose to ride a bicycle instead of drive. I can tell you that once for sure and nearly twice I was side-swiped by a bus. Then, I moved to Portland, OR for a year and experienced bicyclers heaven where motorists actually yield the right of way to bikers. Less than a year later, I found myself commuting to Denver from Golden, CO (about 15 miles)and have had to relearn my assertive/defensive habits so ingrained from WI. Anything that can be done in Milwaukee to encourage biking and educate motorists is a step in the right direction. In addition to the Hoan bike path, Milwaukee also ought to be marking the streets with more bike lanes and putting bike racks on all the buses. Good luck for a successful future.
361). David Brand Madison, Wisconsin
362). J.R. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
363). Bryan Bingham Madison, Wisconsin
364). Daniel Kohn Milwaukee, Wisconsin
365). Bill Rogers People's Republic Of Madison, Wisconsin
I love to visit my old hometown of Milwaukee frequently to enjoy the beautiful lakefront etc. I'd love to be able to bike across the Hoan bridge!!! Ironically, it's easier for me to canoe from the east side to the south than it is to bike.
366). Roger Hyttinen Glendale, Wisconsin
367). Adolph Paul Milwaukee, Wisconsin
368). Josh and Carrie Barrett Whitewater, Wisconsin
As former residents of Milwaukee and avid cyclists, we both feel that having a path over the bridge would be a great addition. It would be a great way to connect the east-side/downtown area with the south side, and would create a much safer route for users of the '76 Trail' avoiding the crowded, dangerous and poorly marked path through the third ward. Also, having a more accessible route for cyclists would encourage people living on the south side to bike to work, which would help to ease parking and traffic problems.
369). Trina Grieshaber New Berlin, Wisconsin
370). Erin Wajer-Lang Milwaukee, Wisconsin
371). Jami and Joe Hanreddy Milwaukee, Wisconsin
372). michael eitel Milwaukee, Wisconsin
if the Hoan was bicycle accessible, I would commute to work 2-3 times per week and would take extended rides along the lakeshore that are currently not possible
373). Elizabeth A. Schinko Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I want so much to see this become a reality. I really believe "getting connected" means linking the Oak Leaf and keeping it along our beautiful LakeFront. I am so proud of Milwaukee, and this will be yet another step in the right direction.
374). Peter Gozinya Yuba, Wisconsin
I think things have never been more like they are than they are right now.
375). DAVID CUMMING Milwaukee, Wisconsin
376). Rose Hilbert Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What a wonderful idea. A great straight route to downtown for pedestrians and bike commuters alike. It works on the Golden Gate, so why not here at home? The one thing that keeps me from bike commuting in Milwaukee is that it is currently unsafe to travel from my home to downtown. The bike paths are few and far between, and are not made safe from car traffic. I lived and biked for years in Madison, taking the bus only when the weather didn't permit biking. It was wonderful. I could bike to school here in Milwaukee, but after that, forget it! No paths! No safety! My biking helps everyone, saving precious non-renewable resources, reducing car congestion and pollution, and allowing me to live a healthier life! We have to think of the future, and our transportation habits will have to change. Please include the pedestrian and bike path on the Hoan Bridge.
377). renee bebeau Milwaukee, Wisconsin
make one!!!!!! a bike path, that is...
378). Mark Moldenhauer Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
379). Marsha Block Milwaukee, Wisconsin
380). Stafford Kramer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
381). Steve Jacquart Milwaukee, Wisconsin
382). Scott Neil Milwaukee, Wisconsin
383). jen clark Milwaukee, Wisconsin
384). steve rosenquist Glendale, Wisconsin
This would make the Hoan world class.
385). Joe Regan Milwaukee, Wisconsin
386). elizabeth bart Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
387). George Richard Milwaukee, Wisconsin
More bike paths are vastly to be preferred to more highways, more polluting and more natural-resource- hungry internal combustion engines.
388). Pete Petersen Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
The Hoan would be a great way to promote the city. Why not take advantage of a great resource right there that would provide a lot of aesthetic pleasure.
389). robert holzrichter Milwaukee, Wisconsin
it would be a great idea to link the trails on the northshore to the trails on the southshore.
390). Taylor Livieri Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This could be a great push for Milwaukee to become bike friendly and make space for bike lanes on its roads and encourage different modes of transportation.
391). Valerie Davis Milwaukee, Wisconsin
392). Annette Harpole Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I want to see more bike paths in cities, in general. I think a bike path on the Hoan Bridge would be great because of the beautiful lake view and will provide more direct access to ride along the lakeshore of Milwaukee.
393). Steve Ohly Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I lived in San Francisco for two years and experienced the many benefits of having the bike lane across the Golden Gait Bridge. I strongly believe the economic benefits of tourism dollars as well as the environmental benefits to the city would far outweigh any drawbacks.
394). Cory Peterson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Please establish a bike trail over the Hoan Bridge. It is a needed link between Bay View and the Summerfest lakefront. There just isn't enough room for bikes and cars on KK during rush hour and with an established bike trail over the Hoan, more people would be likely to bike ride to and from downtown rather than drive!
395). Chris Kegel Mequon, Wisconsin
396). Suzanne Rosenblatt Shorewood, Wisconsin
We need to do as much as possible to encourage people to bicycle, for the environment, for their physical health, and for their mental health! A Hoan bridge Bike-Walk path is an important step in this direction.
397). Steve Jacquart Milwaukee, Wisconsin
398). Holly Reed Shorewood, Wisconsin
399). Michael Harper Shorewood, Wisconsin
400). Eric Beaumont Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A truly cosmopolitan city is friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians.
401). John M. Arndorfer Milwaukee, Wisconsin
402). Jeanette Bultman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It would be a wonderful addition to the lake bike path that runs past South Milwaukee. I often wish I could ride my bike over the Hoan.
403). kirsten stoltmann Milwaukee, Wisconsin
a definite must!!!
404). Amy Bach Milwaukee, Wisconsin
405). Anne Herisson-Leplae Milwaukee, Wisconsin
406). Katheryn Corbin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
407). Jonathan Coopere Madison, Wisconsin
408). Jane Richard Madison, Wisconsin
409). Kiki Eleonore Anderson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This would be a beautiful way to connect the East and South Side's lakefront areas. Both functional and fun, the path could be used for recreation, bike commuters, visitors and long-time residents alike.
410). Robert OBrien Racine, Wisconsin
The Hoan Bridge link will eliminate a dangerous bypass from/to the Milwaukee South Shore and North Shore eliminating the 'path' alongside the heavy traffic Allen Bradley / Rockwell plant. For all the nay-sayers of travelling over the Hoan Bridge - look at the very heavily traveled seaward side of the Golden Gate bridge, which is predominately traveled by bicycles - not by pedestrians.
411). Matthew Kevin Wytch Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Good Luck.
412). Karen Tutkowski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
413). Rebecca Cors Madison, Wisconsin
414). Richard Knepper Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If we put the bike trail over the Hoan Bridge it would be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the State of Wisconsin (like the Elroy Sparta Trail). Just visit San Francisco and ride a bicycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. Some days there are up to five thousand visitors. You will see what an awesome sight it is. I have been riding bicycles all over the USA and I think there has been terrible overkill on planning the trail so far. I rode on public roads all the way from Milwaukee to Ft. Myers FL with my eighteen-year-old grand-daughter. Auto speeds were anywhere from twenty-five to sixty-five miles an hour and we did not have a problem. My suggestion would be to put a temporary safety barricade up in spring and take it down in fall. No one has to ride or will want to ride in winter. Keep the auto speed limit to forty miles per hour. The traffic volume is down in summer which is a benefit. It also could be used for special events such as the Miller Ride for the Arts. I rode my bicycle several times over the bridge, once with the Mayor and his young son Ben. The ride was easy for all and the view was absolutely breathtaking.
415). Jim Gent Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
416). M. Sell Memphis, Tennessee
417). Allegra K. Troiano Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We should have more bike paths and better paved ones; some need repaving.
418). david sartori New York, New York
I grew in Milwaukee and rode a bike all the time. This is an obvious public facility that will enhance urban living for a large area; a must be.
419). Sue Silvermarie Sparta, Wisconsin
420). Susan Spoerk Milwaukee, Wisconsin
421). Dr. Ann Frisch Oshkosh, Wisconsin
422). Joel Richter Milwaukee, Wisconsin
423). M. Michael Freier Shorewood, Wisconsin
424). Pegi Taylor Milwaukee, Wisconsin
425). Bob Graf Milwaukee, Wisconsin
426). gina keenan Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Great idea-I just came back from a biking vacation in Australia, and our cities bike access is archaic in comparison. We need more biking opportunities! It is a matter of economics, environment, health and quality of life.
427). Delvina Katzfey Bay View, Wisconsin
If I could bike over the Hoan Bridge, I would bike to work.
428). Dorothy Sheeley Delafield, Wisconsin
429). Peter J. Marik Milwaukee, Wisconsin
430). Jon Milwaukee, Wisconsin
431). Janice Cordero Milwaukee, Wisconsin
432). rose rohrer Madison, Wisconsin
433). tammy collins Milwaukee, Wisconsin
434). Suzanne Caulfield Germantown, Wisconsin
435). John & Martha Lunz Glendale, Wisconsin
436). Andrea Broaddus Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This is a great trail connection, it will be a regional link in the lakefront trail. What a great way for visitors to explore the city, to get to Summerfest and Mitchell Park! The facility is extremely well designed and will be at least as safe, if not more, than many other bike trails on bridges around the country. This isn't just an amenity, though - it's transportation. It will provide the only non-motorized option along this corridor.
437). Mary Beth Driscoll Bay View, Wisconsin
We will always need commuting alternatives such as bike lanes - but current high gas prices and the impending repairs to the Marquette Interchange add a sense of urgency. The DOT needs to act now to add Biking and Walking Lanes to the Hoan Bridge!
438). David Schnelz Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Given where I live, a Hoan Bridge Bike-Walk Path would it much more feasible to use my bike for commuting to work since the only alternative is south Water St., which is narrow and packed with autos. In addition, such a bikeway would remove a section of crowded city streets from the Oak Leaf Trail and potentially make this somewhat more of a tourist attraction.
439). Deneen Winchester Milwaukee, Wisconsin
440). E.J. Herr Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, over the years, has become a city unconnected. Highway construction and uncontrolled development have created a segregated metro area. This pathway is a means to reconnect our neighborhoods and city as well as to encourage alternative means of transportation. Lets be more pedestrian friendly.
441). Frank Forbes Milwaukee, Wisconsin
442). Gerald Olive Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Haven't used south side lakeside bike routes in years because I don't like using Kinnickinnic and similar roads that I believe to be dangerous. Be nice to see the lake on my bike from a bridge I helped to pay for.
443). Glen L. Powell Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I live in Bay View -- along with hundreds of other bike enthusiasts who commute to work everyday. I travel to UWM. Navigating the gauntlet from KK, down 1st or 2nd Street, and then on Route 32 over to Summer Fest (to pick up the bike Path), is nerve racking at best, dangerous at worst. A bike path on the Hoan would greatly increase my safety and comfort while riding to work.
444). Mary Jo Hultman Wales, Wisconsin
Anywhere you can put a safe way for people to get from place to place without using a car is worthy of support from all bike, walk, skate enthusiasts. The health of the community prospers from accessibility to outdoor activities that are safe and fun.
445). Jeff Johnson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
446). John Perkins Madison, Wisconsin
447). Leigh Rosenberg Madison, Wisconsin
448). Peter Lee Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What a great addition to the touristic possibilities of the great Milwaukee Lakefront (Art Museum, Summerfest, Betty Brinn Museum, Lagoon, Great Lakes Schooner), not to mention the commuter enhancements from the South Side.
449). Mark Meyer Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
450). Stephen Montagna Madison, Wisconsin
451). Marya R. Sosulski Madison, Wisconsin
452). Nicole Penkalski Tucson, Former Milwaukee Resident, Arizona
As a previous resident of Milwaukee, I now realize more than ever the need for safe bike paths. I have lived in Tucson, AZ for 11 years now and believe we have great bike paths and bike lanes in comparison to Milwaukee. I used to try and ride my bike in Milwaukee to school or work and never had much luck since there were always to many motorists and no space for bikes. Hopefully someone can realize how great of an experience it is for kids to ride their bikes to school without their parents wondering if they will even make it.
453). richard a adamczewski St. Francis, Wisconsin
454). Mike Schnarsky Milwaukee , Wisconsin
It would be about time!
455). Ken Lutze Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A bike / walk lane would be a great city enhancement to compliment the new art museum.
456). Dennis C. Olson Dousman, Wisconsin
Harout Sanasarian believed in it, I do and so should you !
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